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    An updated Flexible Work Options policy has been published in the RPM, along with Telecommuting Guidelines for Supervisors and Employees. Berkeley Lab supports telecommuting as a flexible work option because it provides a range of benefits to employees, work flexibility, parking congestion relief, and enhanced business continuity preparedness. 

    There are three types of telecommuting arrangements: Occasional, Regular, and Remote Worker.

    Occasional Telecommuting: 

    • As a general rule, this unplanned type of telecommuting would occur no more than 12 times a year, for example, to stay home for a delivery, a technician visit, or a personal appointment located close to home. Supervisors approve occasional requests at their discretion.

    Regular Telecommuting:

    • This planned type of telecommuting occurs with a frequency of more than 12 times a year up to full time (subject to eligibility requirements).

    Remote Worker:

    • A remote worker works exclusively off site as part of the terms and conditions of appointment and does not maintain an office on site at Berkeley Lab (subject to eligibility requirements).

    To ensure Division compliance with updated policies, effective July 24, 2017, anyone currently telecommuting or considering regular telecommuting must review the division guidelines and submit the required documentation to the Sr. HR Division Partner. 


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