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List of Project Acronyms

    This list of acronyms was originally collected from Steve Virostek working on the LCLS-II project to help the team navigate the project terms - please add as needed.

    AC Acceptance Criteria
    ACL Acceptance Criteria List
    AE Acquisition Executive
    AEG Alignment Engineering Group 
    AIP Accelerator Improvement Program 
    APDCC Associate Project Director for Conventional Construction
    APP Advanced Procurement Plan
    ARR Accelerator Readiness Review
    BCCB Baseline Change Control Board
    BCR Baseline Change Request
    BCS Beam Containment System
    BIO Building Inspection Office 
    CAP Corrective Action Plan
    CAP Control Account Plan
    CAR Causal Analysis Report
    CBC California Building Code
    CCB Change Control Board
    CD Critical Decision
    CDR Conceptual Design Report
    CDR Conceptual Design Review
    CDS Cryogenic Distribution System
    CF Conventional Facilities
    CFMP Conventional Facilities Management Plan
    CFR Code of Federal Regulations
    CPG Capital Programmimg Guide
    CR Continuing Resolution
    CX Commissioning Agent
    DCR Design Change Request
    DEV Deviation Request
    EC Engineering Contract
    ECN Engineering Change Note
    ED&I Engineering Design and Inspection
    EH Experimental Hall
    EIR External Independent Review
    EPR Engineering Peer Review
    ERC Experimental Review Coordinator
    ESD Engineering Specification Document
    FAC Facilities Advisory Committee
    FAC Final Acceptance Criteria
    FCM Facility Construction Manager
    FCM Field Construction Manager
    FCO Field Change Order
    FDR Final Design Report
    FDR Final Design Review
    FDS Functional Design Specification
    FEE Front End Enclosures
    FEH Far Experimental Hall
    FM Functional Manager
    FPD Federal Project Director
    FRS Functional Requirements Specification
    G&A General and Administrative Overhead
    GA Grade Assessment
    GOT Game Of Thrones
    GRD Global Requirement Document
    HQ Headquarters
    I&F Infrastructure and Facilities
    I&T Installation and Test
    IBR Integrated Baseline Review
    ICD Interface Control Document
    ICE Independent Cost Estimate
    ICER Independent Cost Estimate Review
    ICR Independent Cost Review
    IPS Integrated Project Schedule
    IPT Integrated Product Team
    IS Infrastructure Systems
    KPP Key Performance Parameter
    LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
    LLP Long Lead Procurement
    M&O Managing and Operating
    M&S Materials and Supplies
    MER Mechanical Equipment Room
    MIS Management Information System
    MMF Magnet Measurement Facility (SLAC)
    MOA Memorandum of Agreement
    MOU Memorandum of Understanding
    MPS Machine Protection System
    MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
    MTTF Mean Time to Failure
    MTTR Mean Time to Repair
    NCR Non-Conformance-Report
    NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
    OBS Organizational Breakdown Structure
    OMB Office of Management and Budget
    PARS II Project Assessment and Reporting System II
    PCR Procurement Clearance Request
    PDM Product Data Management
    PDR Preliminary Design Report
    PDR Preliminary Design Review
    PE Project Engineer
    PED Project Engineering and Design
    PEP Project Execution Plan
    PL Partner Lab
    PM Project Manager
    PMP Project Management Plan
    POC Point of Contact
    PP Planning Package
    PPEP Preliminary Project Execution Plan
    PRD Physics Requirement Document
    PRP Project Review Procedure
    PRR Procurement Readiness Review
    QA Quality Assurance
    QAP Quality Assurance Plan
    QBD Quantifiable Backup Data
    QIP Quality Implementation Plan
    RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    RDS Room Data Sheet
    RFA Request for Action
    RFP Request for Proposal
    RFQ Request for Quotation
    RMP Risk Management Plan
    RR Readiness Review
    RSS Radiation Safety Systems
    RSY Research Yard
    SAA Satellite Accumulation Area
    SAC Scientific Advisory Committee
    SC Office of Science
    SC-2 Deputy Director for Science Programs, Office of Science
    SEMP System Engineering Management Plan
    SHPA State Historic Preservation Act
    SIM Systems Integration Manager
    SIR Systems Integration Review
    SM System Manager
    SOW Statement of Work
    SSO DOE Site Office
    STL Senior Team Leader
    TBD To Be Determined
    TBR To Be Resolved
    TRS Technical Requirement Specification
    VE Value Engineering
    XTES X-ray Transport and Experimental Systems







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