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Graded Approach for Projects

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    A Grade Assessment determines the level of formality to apply to each required project step. The project grade is based on five criteria: cost, complexity, contingency, impact, and other.
    The Project Manager performs the Grade Assessment by assigning a grade of Low, Medium or High to each criterion. Following the grade assessment the project management rigor and required formality are determined. The Conduct of Engineering provides a guideline for the project formality based on the grade assessment.

    The Cost Criterion is the total estimated cost of the project, including indirect costs and contingency. A large (high cost) project will have a greater impact on the customer than a small (low cost) project, and hence, deserves more formality. Likewise, a large project can absorb the costs of increased formality with less impact than a small project. The percentage of cost that are catalog items can be considered as part of the complexity criteria.

    The Complexity Criterion (technical, regulatory, administrative) evaluates the risk to the successful completion of the project introduced by any aspect of the project that is complicated.

    The Contingency Criterion (funding, schedule, staffing) evaluates the risk to the successful completion of the project due to a shortage of one or more resources.

    The Impact Criterion (consequence of failure, visibility) evaluates the risk to the successful of the project in terms of impact to the laboratory.

    The Other Criterion is applied to any risk element the Project Manager thinks is important for accurately grading the project and is not adequately covered by the other criteria. More significantly, it provides a pathway to integrate the EPG requirements with other LBNL requirements that may apply to the project.

    When used to integrate EPG with other LBNL policies, the applicable EPG or LBNL policy set the formality thresholds. The grading process is based on the judgment of the Project Manager (they should consult others; team members, line management, safety coordinator, subject matter experts, etc.).


    Please use template below to assess general LBNL project grade

    Grade Assessment Template _Project ratings.xlsx

    latest revision on Windchill:

    Conduct of Engineering.xlsx


    Please use template below to assess general ALS beamline project grade 
    Grade Assessment Template _Project ratings_ALS.xlsx 

    Conduct of Engineering ALS.xlsx






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