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Glossary of Terms

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    Glossary of Terms

    CAD Computer Aided Design
    CAM Cost Account Manager
    CE Cost Estimate 
    CM  Configuration Management
    Controlled documents A controlled document is a reference document which is subject to quality assurance and may be modified, reviewed and released several times through the course of its lifecycle. A Controlled Document must be preserved to support LBNL’s mission because of the informational value of the data in the record.
    An example of a record that meets the criteria for a controlled document is the documentation of components or assemblies which are subject to configuration management such as Personnel Protection Systems and Credited Controls. Procedures should be maintained as controlled documents with approval status and effective dates.
    Credited Controls Controls determined through safety analysis to be essential for safe operation directly related to the protection of personnel or the environment.
    DCC Document Control Center
    DXF Drawing Exchange Format 
    ECN Engineering Change Note
    ECN Engineering Change Note
    ECO Engineering Change Order
    EH&S Environment Health & Safety 
    FEA Finite Element Analysis
    GA A Grade Assessment determines the level of formality to apply to each required project step.
    The project grade is based on five criteria cost,  complexity, contingency, impact, and other. The Project Manager performs the Grade Assessment by assigning a grade of Low or High to each criterion.
    ISM Integrated Safety Management
    PDL Project Design Leader
    PI Principal Investigator
    PM Project Manager
    PPS Personnel Protection Systems
    Project Kick-off Meeting with stakeholders and project team
    Project Plan (PP) Project Plan: template is available on EPG
    QA Quality Assurance
    QA/CI Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement
    RSS Radiation Safety System
    S/CI Suspect or Counterfeit Item 
    SOW Statement of Work
    SPS System Performance Specification
    TBD To Be Determined
    USI Unreviewed Safety Item
    WBS Work Breakdown Structure
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