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Engineering Notes and Specification Documents

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    • Engineering Notes, Tech Notes, Specifications, and Safety Notes are used to file and/or report information developed during the routine work of the Division or for capturing technical information for a specific project. They can include many kinds of information, from rough, tentative calculations to formal project  proposals. Engineering Notes range from very brief and informal handwritten notes to complete word-processed reports.
    • Engineering Notes are indexed by author, project, and subject  matter. This makes it easier to find references at a later date.
    • Engineering Notes that identify and discuss engineering requirements are essential to reducing potential ambiguity and misunderstandings in the design process. They help ensure that the customer will receive a product that fulfills his or her real needs.
    • All engineering notes should be archived in DCC (see process tab).
    • Revisions are tracked through the standard LBNL release process.


    Engineering Specification Documents

    Document Type

    When to use

    Signature Page

    File type

    Engineering Notes (EN), Tech Notes (TN)

    Engineering analyses, data, engineering measurements, verification and test results

    Do not require title page/optional

    Doc, Excel, others

    Engineering Specifications (ES)

    Statement of Work given to vendors, Workinstructions, Physics Requirements, Performance Specifications, Description and functionality of interlock systems, Acceptance criteria listings

    Title page should be used

    Doc, Excel

    Safety Notes (SN)

    Safety related measurements, safety system verification

    Title page should be used

    Doc, Excel


    The different types of engineering documents use the same header (see below), in which the document type, the title, the LBNL DCC/windchill number, release date, the author, the reviewer, and the approver are documented. The header also includes an user set field that can contain a reference to an external project (e.g for WFO projects).
    The header metadata are automatically filled in during the creation of the file and the release process through windchill.



    Engineering Notes can be generated through the windchill interfaces within a Product folder in Windchill. The old link directly through DCC has been disabled due to security reasons. Please contact cad@lbl.gov if you need help generating an engineering note through windchill or if you don't have access to windchill.

    • Engineering Notes Templates and Release through the Windchill interface (Templates for engineering notes are available in each product folder (under new document) and can be released from windchill directly into DCC. The type of document is specified when the category codes are set in the windchill object.





    Engineering Notes

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