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    Document Control Center Overview

    The Document Control Center (DCC.lbl.gov) is the only official mechanism for managing and tracking released official project documents. The DCC is a format neutral repository and can be extended to support other formats as required. This DCC currently provides support for drawings, engineering notes, specifications, Inspection documents, and several others documented types listed below.  

    Documents can be entered into the DCC in their native formats or as scanned documents.

    The standard output from the DCC is PDF and official documents contain a standard watermark and time stamp showing who downloaded the document.

    All official documents that are used to communicate with vendors or collaborators shall be released to the document control center.

    Document Control Center Infrastructure (DCC.lbl.gov)

    Current and Near-Future Modules

    • Work Manager: The WM to DCC link was established in December 2003. It allows automated communication between the Work Manager PDM system and the Document Control Center's online repository/website. When drawings are released/approved in Work Manager, a PDF is created of the drawing and all associated meta-data is sent to the DCC.
    • Legacy Engineering Notes: These engineering notes are ones that were created before March 2004 and are usually a rasterized/scanned image of the document. This was a one-time insertion from another database that has been shutdown.
    • New Engineering Notes: As of March 2004, the request of Engineering Note numbers as well as the upload of new Engineering Notes has been possible through the new DCC website. These documents can be uploaded in a Microsoft Word or RTF format and have a vectorized PDF automatically generated. Since the native formats (.doc, .rtf) are uploaded, authors have the ability to retrieve the original file for editing/revision.
    • Drawing Number Request: This facility will allow users that do not utilize a PDM system to request drawing numbers from the DCC website without having to physically go to the Doc Center and sign out drawing cards. This facility should be in production by the end of September 2004.
    • Scanned Drawings: The Document Control Center has been scanning drawings for a number of years now and has built up a repository of about 50,000 scanned images. These files are currently accessible through the website Print Room Scanned. They are mostly available in the TIFF format but will be converted to PDF once these files are migrated into the new Document Control Center website, hopefully during the first part of calendar year 2005.
    • AllBase Meta-Data: This is a legacy database of 230,000 meta-data records that do not have files attached to them. This system originally was running on SPIRES and later the AllBase database on HP-UX. This data is the one that is being searched through when using the ME10 Drawing Search mechanism. This data will be moved into the Document Control Center by the end of October 2004 and once the Scanned Drawings has been inserted into the DCC website, the AllBase data and the file data will be meshed together to provide actual drawings for at least 50,000 of these 230,000 meta data records.
    • LBL Master: This facility houses numerous drawings mostly for ALS and has been used for a number of years to pseudo-release drawings before the Work Manager to DCC link was established. These drawings are going to be uploaded into Work Manager and have a legacy flag affixed to them. Then the Document Control Center will automatically release these drawings to its repository.
    • Category Codes: This feature allows better management of a project's category codes and also facilitates easier searching. It does require effort to populate this facility and will be done by having projects turn their Category Code describing Engineering Note(s) into a format that is compatible with this new feature.
    • Non-PDM System Upload: This feature of the DCC website will allow users of CAD systems that are not currently managed by a PDM system to upload and release drawings to the DCC website. This functionality will only allow the upload of actual PDF files though, as the Document Control Center can only develop converters for PDM systems. This will be released by November 2004.
    • Intralink: Intralink is the PDM system used by Pro/Engineer users and is currently not able to talk to the Document Control Center. We hope to provide the same level of functionality as we do for Work Manager users (i.e. automatic release of PDF drawings and drawing meta data to the DCC website). This functionality is currently being looked at/developed but requires a few more parameters to be in place before release date is committed to.
    • Electronic Signatures: This would provide a mechanism for Engineering Notes to be electronically signed by LBNL authors/approvers through email, eliminating the need for a one page signature sheet to be scanned and uploaded.
    • AutoEDMS: AutoEDMS is a PDM system currently used by the ALS - Electronics engineers and designers. In the future we anticipate integrating this PDM into the Doc Center's automatic release mechanisms.

    Other Modules/Ideas

    • Software Development: Eventually we have a goal to manage project's software code so that all aspects of released documentation from a project would be managed in the Document Control Center's secure released repository (i.e. Mechanical Drawings/Electrical Drawings/Engineering Notes/Software Code).
    • LSME Number Request: Automate the request of LSME numbers so that they can be generated and distributed online through the Document Control Center.
    • Electronic Document Distribution: Add the ability to select a list of users/email addresses that will get electronic notification of drawing and document (Engineering Note) releases.
    • Drawing/Document Limited Distribution: Although this module requires significant management, it would allow access to everyone that needs it and exclude people that do not. For now, all drawings/documents are viewable to anyone at LBNL who has a valid LDAP login.
    • Dynamic Documents: This module would allow small documents to obtain a document number and be controlled within the Document Control Center repository. Users could type their document (i.e. notes, quickly changing data, etc.) directly into a web browser within the DCC website. The format of the document would allow revisions to be stored in a log format with the latest information first (descending order).



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