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Category Codes

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    Category Codes 

    Drawings in the DCC are managed through an organized category code index.  All category codes will have two letters to denote the parent project followed by two sets of numbers to categorize drawings within each project.

    In this example:

    • AL is the two-letter code designated for the project name: Advanced Light Source (ALS) 
    • 01 is the category code number designated for the major category: Linac
    • 02 is the category code designated for the sub-category: Support Equipment & Girder

    All ALS drawings related to the Linac Support Equipment & Girder will be found under the AL0102 Category Code  


    Category Code Requests

    • Send Category Code request to doccontrol@lbl.gov using the format and instructions below:
    • There is a one to one correspondence between the two letters or digits of the category code to the project name or titles, so it is a good idea to give this some thought before entering your first codes.  
    • You cannot have multiple PROJECT_NAME values for the same CATEGORY1.  You cannot have multiple TITLE1 values for the same CATEGORY1 + CATEGORY2 combination.  And you cannot have multiple TITLE2 values for the same CATEGORY1 + CATEGORY2 + CATEGORY3 values.
    • Though not required, the first major category and sub-category 00 and 00 are typically GENERAL / MISCELLANEOUS
    • Though not required, since the PROJECT_NAME (that goes with the first two letters) does NOT appear on drawings, TITLE1 strings traditionally include an abbreviated Project Name.  So for example for CD=CAD SYSTEM, the TITLE1 strings all include "CAD - " as a prefix (e.g. CD00 is CAD SYSTEM / CAD - GENERAL).
    • Creation of new category codes in the system does require all three components.  We cannot enter "partial" category codes.  If you don't have any third levels in mind,  00 = GENERAL is always suggested for the initial third level of every major sub-category.
    • *Create an  Engineering Note (authored by the Responsible Engineer*) to document the category code break down officially.
    • *Responsible Engineer will be responsible for approving any additions or changes to the category code, as well as making sure the Engineering Note is revised and kept up to date with these changes.



    For DCC Support Contact: Jennifer Tredway x2320 or Samantha Brown x5640 

     email doccontrol@lbl.gov



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