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Thomas Nicola Rescigno

CSD Senior Staff Scientist; Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences (AMOS) Program (Retired)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 2R0100
Berkeley, CA 94720

Location:Bldg. 2, Room 0124
Telephone:(510) 486-8652
Fax(510) 486-5812

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences Program

Senior Computational Scientist, born 1947; B.A. Columbia University, 1969; Ph.D. Harvard University, 1973; Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1973-75; Staff Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1975-79; Leader, Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics Group, LLNL, 1979-1985; Senior Scientist, LLNL, 1986-2001; joined E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Computing Sciences, in 2000; American Institute of Chemists Medal, 1969; National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, 1969-72; National Science Foundation Energy Fellow, 1975; Fellow, American Physical Society, 1988; National Research Council Advisory Panel, 1989-92; ITAMP Review Panel (NSF), 1993; Editorial Board, Physical Review A , 1995-2001; Executive Committee, Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, American Physical Society, 1996-2000; Executive Committee, Gaseous Electronics Conference,1998-2000; Chair, Topical Group on Few-Body Systems, American Physical Society, 2001-3; Chair, Allis Prize Committee, American Physical Society, 2001

Research Interests
Low and intermediate energy electron-atom and electron-molecule collisions, ionization and fragmentation of few-electron systems, photoionization of atoms and molecules, analyticity and resonance phenomena.

Dr. Rescigno's research activities are focused on the theoretical investigation of electron and photon collisions with atoms and molecules. The tools of modern computation quantum chemistry are being combined with variational scattering theory methods to provide a theoretical attack on a wide range of problems in 'Electron-Driven Chemistry'. The complex Kohn variational method has provided the framework for studying electron- and photon-collisions with a number of polyatomic targets. Of particular current interest in his group are resonant electron collisions with polyatomic molecules and the mechanisms whereby electronic energy is transferred into nuclear degrees of freedom.

Dr. Rescigno has had a long-standing interest in developing methods for obtaining scattering cross sections from calculations carried out in Hilbert space. He has concentrated on the adaptation of novel, non-traditional approaches to problems in collision physics. This has included techniques of complex analysis as well as Hilbert space methods normally associated with problems in bound-state electronic structure. Recent research efforts in his group using exterior complex scaling and massively parallel computation have led to the first solution of the long-standing problem of a complete quantum description of collisional breakup of a quantum three-body system.

Experience and Publications:
Thomas Nicola Rescigno's Curriculum Vitae with Publications