Kristin Persson

Staff Scientist in the Energy Technologies Area at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 33R0146
Berkeley, CA 94720

Telephone:(510) 486-7218


Research Centers:

The Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) is one of the Department of Energy Innovation Hubs. Its mission is to generate carbon-neutral fuels efficiently using only sunlight and water or carbon dioxide and sustainable materials. A number of CSD scientists participate in JCAP, working on catalysts, transformations using materials assemblies, and interfacial chemistry.


Research Interests:

Dr. Persson studies the physics and chemistry of materials using atomistic computational methods and high-performance computing technology, particularly for clean-energy production and storage applications.

In JCAP, Dr. Persson’s research centers around photocathodes which carry out the carbon dioxide reduction reaction that are a central to the establishment of efficient, sustainable CO2 reduction.  Photoelectrode architectures that include a semiconductor-liquid junction and exclude multiple buried p-n junctions are desirable for maximal efficiency and scalability of solar-fuel generation.  To realize this design paradigm, new light absorbers which meet a host of design criteria must be discovered.  Dr. Persson’s team will identify the most promising light absorbers for solar-fuels applications through a multi-faceted materials-discovery platform that combines high-throughput computation and experiments.


Relevant Publications

Yan, Q. et al. Mn2V2O7: An Earth Abundant Light Absorber for Solar Water Splitting. Advanced Energy Materials, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201401840 (2015).

Yu, J. et al. First-principles study of electronic structure and photocatalytic properties of MnNiO3 as an alkaline oxygen-evolution photocatalyst. Chemical Communications 51, 2867-2870, DOI: 10.1039/C4CC08111K (2015).



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