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Emergency! What to do

For Emergency Response to a serious or life-threatening injury or illness, call 911.

In an emergency, it is important to remain calm and assess the situation. Each emergency situation requires a different response depending on the nature of the emergency and its severity. Think through your response before you act, keeping your safety and the safety of others as your first priority. Below you will find links to valuable resources to help you plan for, manage, and report emergencies.

Reporting Emergencies – Who to call, how to report accidents or emergencies:

Emergency Links – Important Web sites in the event of an emergency

Building Manager

Building Emergency Team (BET) Duties of a BET

List of BET members
To get an updated list of BET members:  after logging in, select "Reports > By Division" in the left sidebar menu, and then select "Chemical Sciences"

Building Evacuation Information

  • Building evacuation location maps are posted in all Chemical Sciences building lobbies and main hallways.
  • In the event that the building fire alarms activate, immediately evacuate the building.
  • Walk, do not run.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Report to your assigned building assembly area.
  • Do not leave the assembly area until instructed to do so.


Emergency Reporting
Contact Numbers

Emergency Reporting
Life-Threatening Event 24/7
Lab and Cell Phone: x911
Off Site Locations: x911
Non-Emergency Reporting
Non-Life-Threatening Event 24/7
Lab Phone: x6999
Cell Phone: (510) 486-6999
Off Site: (510) 486-6999
Urgent Radiation Protection Group Assistance
Non-Life-Threatening Radiological Lab Event 24/7
Lab Phone: x7277
Cell Phone: (510) 486-7277
Off Site: (510- 486-7277
Security 24/7
Blackberry Gate x5472
Emergency Operations Center X6666
Emergency Status Information for Employees