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Biological Incidents

Call 911 for immediate medical response to serious or life-threatening injury, illness, or exposure.

Biological materials of concern related to exposures include materials or animals that may contain agents or properties that have known, potential, or unknown health risks. Examples of materials include all recombinant genetic materials, viable biological microbes in research, or risk group 2 or higher agents or materials. Examples of worker exposures to such biological materials of concern include:

  • Biological materials in contact with mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Biological materials in contact with open area of skin.
  • Cuts or punctures with sharp objects that may be contaminated with biological materials.
  • Exposures to humans or animals in research in a manner that is known to transmit disease.
  • Exposure to the blood of other people.

For assistance and advice regarding Biosafety incidents contact:

  • Your supervisor
  • Your Safety Coordinator Martin Neitzel at X6169.
  • Your EHS Biosafety Officer at (510) 495-2768.
  • Health Services at X6266
  • Or follow the personal injury procedures in the emergency response guide flipchart.

For further information on biological spills and cleanup procedures and biosafety incident reporting, refer to the emergency response guide flipchart that should be located in your lab. To obtain additional copies of the response guide contact your safety coordinator Martin Neitzel at extension 6169.