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A-Z Index

Berkeley Lab’s A-Z index is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to find useful information about topics of interest to Lab employees. Each entry in the A-Z index will take you to a related site, from the home page of the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division to that of Zimride, a ride sharing service.  Visit site >>

Accounts Payable

A quick link to the home page of Accounts Payable, a unit of the Controller’s Office, where you can find information about vendors, forms to request issuance of a check, arrange electronic payments, or find other information about handling vendor and non-payroll related employee payment requests.  Visit site >>


You will quickly learn that the Lab has its own language, largely made up of acronyms.  See examples >>


Formerly known as “guests,” affiliates include facility users, scientific collaborators, students, subcontractors, independent consultants, and other non-Laboratory employees who work on-site. The Affiliates Web site is resource for supervisors and provides guidance for affiliate appointments.  Visit site >>

Building Emergency Response Teams (BET)

A listing with contact information of Chemical Science Division personnel assigned to Building Emergency Response Teams. BET members are trained to lead employees during an evacuation of their buildings in the event of earthquake, fire, or other emergency.  To get an updated list of BET members,  log in to the site and select "Reports > By Division" in the left sidebar menu, and then select "Chemical Sciences." Visit site >>

Chemical Sciences Division Contact List

A one-stop shopping source that lists all CSD scientists and their administrative assistants, as well as contact information for Division Office personnel. The pages include telephone and fax numbers, emails, mail stops, and office locations.  Visit site >>

Conference Services

A unit of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Conference Services provides a wide range of professional conference planning and services, from site location to policy compliance. The Web site provides information on Berkeley Lab catering, travel, lodging, and reimbursement.  Visit site >>

Creative Services

A full-service center for design, editing, and production of reports, brochures, articles, and Web content. Creative Services has a staff of experienced in-house graphic designers, editors, writers, and Web developers.  Free, downloadable templates are available for letterheads, Berkeley Lab logos, and PowerPoint presentations.
Visit site >>

Directory Services

Directory Services is a fast, reliable, and up-to-date site for finding employees. The easy-to-use search function provides names, office addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mail stops. You can also find the link to Directory Services on the Berkeley Lab home page, using the Phone Book link.  Visit site >>


A safe working environment is a top priority at Berkeley Lab, whether the workplace is an office, a lab bench, or a construction site. The Environment/Health/Safety Division provides ergonomic evaluations, training, and equipment. Go to the [email protected] Home page to find more information, links, and ways to reach the Ergo Team.
Visit site >>


The Facilities Division “Request a Service” Web page is a major portal to a variety of services that range from getting a new key to your office to repairing a leaky roof. It provides links to information about shuttle bus service; lab vehicle reservations; and shipping and receiving. The Request a Service link provides a form to request specific services such as conference set-up, office moves, and repairs.  Visit site >>

Human Resources

Human Resources staffers who partner directly with the Chemical Sciences Division are listed on the Contact page of the HR Web site. The Human Resources Web site contains a wealth of information about Berkeley Lab Benefits & Compensation, Training & Development, and Diversity & Inclusion efforts. Visit site >>

LBL has switched to the UCPath system to manage HR records: Log into UCPath here.

LETS (Timecard)

The Lab Employee Time System (LETS) is the time-entry system for all Lab employees except Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs). The system allows participating employees to enter their own time, and allows supervisors to review it. If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 486-4465.  LETS is accessed via the Internet and requires an LDAP password.  Visit site >>

Payroll Forms

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer Payroll form Web site provides links for downloading forms that may be required to arrange direct deposit of paychecks or credit union deductions; and government tax forms such as the California State Withholding Form and the Certificate of Foreign Status for Federal Tax Withholding.  Visit site >>

Procurement       ePro Requisition Form (download)

The Procurement and Property Management Department is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services, as well the management of Lab assets. The Procurement Web site offers links and guidance for the electronic purchase of supplies and equipment.  Visit site >>

Property Management

A Laboratory Property Review in an on-line process that allows staff members to review, maintain, and update their tagged property. The Property Management Web site offers guidance on how to use the system, how to check property by DOE code number, or how to reach division Property Representatives.  Visit site >>

Resources for Employees and Guests

This Web site is an easy-to-use assemblage of frequently viewed sites offering services to Berkeley Lab employees and guests of the Lab. Links range from the daily menu of the Bay View Café, to the IT Help Desk, to a 3-D interactive map of the laboratory.  Visit site >>

Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM)

The RPM is Berkeley Lab’s Web site for Laboratory-wide policies. With the search function, users can find summaries of nearly 300 policies. Each policy is a statement or directive from government, UC, or senior lab management that sets a course of action, defines acceptable conduct, or implements governing principles. Written in layman’s language, the summaries provide links to documents related to issues surrounding each policy as well as quick access to the full policy language.  Visit site >>

Travel Services

Download form below

Travel Authorization Request (TAR)                              

A step-by-step procedure that explains how to authorize travel, obtain reservations, and submit vouchers and receipts for reimbursement. The site contains links to more information about travel, including services provided by Travel Services, a unit of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.  Visit site >>

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