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AAAdministrative AssistantLBNL staff person who provides administrative support
AET or AETDAdvanced Energy Technologies DepartmentEETD department that develops processes and devices for more efficient, environmentally benign energy conversion and storage technologies
AFRDAccelerator & Fusion Research DivisionDivision of LBNL
AHDActivity Hazard DocumentAn EH&S authorization used to document the hazards, safety procedures and training associated with a project or activity
ALSAdvanced Light SourceDivision of LBNL
AMOSAtomic, Molecular and Optical SciencesScientific program in Chemical Sciences Division
ANLArgonne National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment ActFederal law passed in 2009 to jumpstart the economy and save and create jobs
AS or ASDAtmospheric Sciences DepartmentEETD department focused on atmospheric processes, technology, modeling and climate change studies
ASPRAnnual Supplement to Professional ResumeLBNL's form employee completes annually to report professional accomplishments
BABudget - Authorized$$ Congress has approved
B2BBusiness-to-Business TransactionsB2B refers to purchases that are transacted using business-to-business electronic commerce systems. B2B transactions are generally being replaced within LBNL by eBuy transactions.
BESBasic Energy SciencesDivision of DOE. Provides most of the funding for most of the laboratory
BLIBerkeley Lab InstituteLBNL's institute for online and classroom employee and affiliate training
BLISBerkeley Lab Information SystemPortal to all sorts of information
BNLBrookhaven National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
BOBudget - Obligated$$ DOE has actually sent to us. In addition to having received the money, a PI has to have written instructions in order to spend money.
B&RBudget & Reporting categoriesDOE's Chart of Accounts
BSOBerkeley Site OfficeDOE's office located on site at LBNL
BT or BTDBuilding Technologies DeptEETD department focused on developing technologies to enhance energy use through building technologies
CampusUC BerkeleyShorthand reference used by Lab staff to refer to UC Berkeley
CARBCalifornia Air Resources BoardSponsors air quality related research, and regulates emissions 
CATSCorrective Action Tracking SystemLBNL's system for tracking problems requiring corrective action
CECCalifornia Energy CommissionMajor sponsor for EETD, oversees California energy policies
CERTSCenter for Electric Reliability Technology SolutionsCenter funded by DOE and CEC, managed by EETD
CIEECa. Institute for Energy and the EnvironmentPart of UCOP, research manager for some EETD projects
CFOChief Financial OfficerUsed at the Laboratory to refer to a high level position responsible for financial matters
CIOChief Information OfficerUsed at the Laboratory to refer to a high level position responsible for information and information technologies
CMSChemical Management SystemOn-line database of chemicals maintained by all chemical owners
CPIMSCondensed Phase and Interfacial Molecular ScienceScientific program in Chemical Sciences Division
CPUCCalifornia Public Utilities CommissionRegulates investor owned utilities such as PG&E
CRDComputational Research DivisionDivision of LBNL
CSDChemical Sciences DivisionDivision of LBNL
DOEDepartment of EnergyLBNL is a DOE Laboratory
DRRCDemand Response Research CenterCenter funded by CEC, managed by EETD
EA or EADEnergy Analysis DepartmentEETD department focused on generating and interpreting information to inform governments and international institutions on energy-related issues to formulate energy and environmental policies
eBUYElectronic purchasing systemeBuy is LBNL's electronic commerce system for purchasing low-value catalog items
EERE or EEEnergy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyDivision of DOE that provides most of EETD's funding
EETDEnvironmental Energy Technologies DivisionDivision of LBNL
EffortLabor effortTerm used in LBNL to refer to labor/time expended on a particular project
EH&SEnvironment, Health & Safety Division within LBNL responsible for environment, health & safety matters. Also used more generally to refer to those topics.
eRFICElectronic Request for Issuance of CheckLab's electronic process to request payment or reimbursement of an expense
ESDEarth Sciences DivisionDivision of LBNL
FEFossil EnergyAn Office within DOE that provides some funding to the Laboratory
F$MFinancial Systems Modernization Project

The Financial Systems Modernization (F$M) Project is a multi-year, multi-phased, Lab-wide project addressing the Lab's current financial systems (people, processes, and technology), to more effectively provide data, analytical tools, and services for research management needs.

FTEFull Time Equivalent

Unit of Measure of a worker’s productivity or effort

FNALFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryNational DOE laboratory
FPPField Planning ProposalMethod of submitting proposals for funding to DOE. Generally done on an annual cycle from mid-January to mid-March. Certain DOE programs require FPPs; others require FWPs
FWPField Work ProposalMethod of submitting proposals for funding to DOE. Generally done on an annual cycle from mid-January - mid-March. Certain DOE programs require FPPs; others require FWPs.
GERTGeneral Employee Radiation TrainingRequired radiation training for all LBNL badge holders
GTSCGlenn T. Seaborg CenterA national facility founded in the spring of 1999, dedicated to Glenn T. Seaborg in memory of his legacy in research, teaching, and service to the country. The GTSC operates the Heavy Element Radiation Laboratory (HERL), as well as equipment in several other labs.
HECHeavy Element ChemistryScientific program in Chemical Sciences Division
HERLHeavy Element Research LaboratoryResearch Center and Resource in Chemical Sciences Division
HRHuman ResourcesDivision of LBNL
HRISHuman Resources Information SystemA module of PeopleSoft that is used for all Personnel activities
IE or IEDIndoor Environment DepartmentEETD department that conducts a broad program of research, technology development and dissemination activities directed toward improving the health, comfort and energy efficiency of the indoor environment.
INLIdaho National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
ISMIntegrated Safety ManagementLBNL's safety policy
ITDInformation Technology DivisionA Division at the Lab reporting to the CIO
JCAPJoint Center for Artificial PhotosynthesisThe nation’s largest research program dedicated to the development of an artificial solar-fuel generation technology
JGIJoint Genome InstituteJoint institute of LBNL and LLNL, headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA.
JHAJob Hazards AnalysisLBNL's system to assess an employee's work, hazards and safety training needs and to formally authorize the work
LANLLos Alamos National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryOfficial acronym for the Laboratory
LDRDLaboratory Directed Research and DevelopmentMoney specifically authorized by Congress to fund the R&D work needed to be able to propose a new project. The Lab Director allocates these funds.
LETS or LETSLiteLaboratory Employees Time systemLBNL's computer-based timekeeping system used here.
LLNLLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
LSDLife Sciences DivisionDivision of LBNL
MOUMemorandum of UnderstandingAgreement between UCB and LBNL for environment, safety and health policies and procedures applicable to the two facilities
MSDMaterials Sciences DivisionDivision of LBNL
MSDSMaterial Safety Data SheetIt is intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures.
NCARSNon-ComplianceReport showing violations of waste disposal regulations
NERSCNational Energy Research Scientific Computing CenterDivision of LBNL
NETLNational Energy Technology LaboratoryNational DOE lab that acts as a manager and conduit of DOE funds to other labs and other contractors.
NRELNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
NSDNuclear Science DivisionDivision of LBNL
OCFOOffice of the Chief Financial OfficerTerm referring to the LBNL CFO's Office
OEDEROffice of Electricity Delivery and Energy ReliabilityOffice within DOE that supports CERTS and related activities.
OPAOutstanding Performance AwardPerformance award given by LBNL
ORNLOak Ridge National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
PBDPhysical Biosciences DivisionDivision of LBNL
PG&EPacific Gas & Electric CompanyUtility that serves northern California
PIPrincipal InvestigatorPerson responsible for leading and managing a research project or program; designated by Division according to specific criteria
PMPPerformance and career Management ProcessLBNL's annual performance review document for non-represented employees
PNNLPacific Northwest National LaboratoryNational DOE Laboratory
PPEPersonal Protective EquipmentIncludes gloves, safety glasses, closed-toe shoes
PRDPerformance Review and Development ProcessLBNL's annual performance review document for represented employees
Pub-3000LBNL's Health & Safety ManualIncludes lab-required controls for work hazards
RAPIDResearch Administration Project DatabaseLBL database for WFO proposals
RFICRequest for Issuance of CheckLab's form to request payment or reimbursement of an expense
RPMRegulations and Procedures ManualLBNL's regulations manual; found via
RWARadiological Work AuthorizationAuthorization for work with radioactive materials
SCOffice of ScienceOffice in DOE that supports most of the Lab for basic and fundamental research
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator CenterNational DOE Laboratory
SPOSponsored Projects OfficeLBNL department responsible for negotiating and processing WFO awards
SPOTPerformance awarded "on the SPOT"Short term performance award issued by each LBNL division
UCUniversity of CaliforniaRefers to the entire UC systems of 10 campuses and UCOP
UCBUniversity of California, BerkeleyUC campus closely affiliated with LBNL
UCOPUniversity of California Office of the PresidentOperates LBNL under contract to DOE
WFOWork For OthersGeneral name for all national lab funding sources other than DOE

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