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Below is one of the phishing emails that was sent to more than 200 Berkeley Lab addresses. Do not click on any links in this email. If you have already clicked on a link in this message, immediately change your password at AND contact for additional assistance. 

From: <>
Subject: Berkeley Lab e-mail Update

  New Update For Gmail

The Laboratory's primary email service and calendar services have been updated.
Please visit the updated (Gmail@Berkeley Lab) for information and instructions on how to access your email.

Access gmail at: http//

The New Look for Gmail has been turned on for Berkeley Lab. This is similar to the look consumer users of
Gmail have had for a number of weeks.  It may take awhile for this to roll out to all users. One change may confuse you: 
where we now see Mail, Contacts, and Tasks as separate links in the upper left hand corner, the new look has a single
choice with a drop down allowing you to select something different.