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Password Managers

Trouble remembering passwords? Password managers allow you to store passwords for easy storage and retrieval. We provide a Laboratory supported password manager as well as a list of alternatives.

Laboratory Supported Option: LastPass

LastPass a is full-feature, secure password manager. It allows you to store all your credentials and protect them with a single password.

Why LastPass?

  1. Works with popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  2. Works on desktops (Mac and Windows), as well as mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  3. Ability to sync with all your devices

LastPass Benefits

  1. Remembers your strong and unique passwords so you do not have to
  2. Access your passwords from anywhere
  3. Quickly save new credentials from the web browser
  4. Generates complex passwords for you

Read more about LastPass at

Installing LastPass

For instructions on installing LastPass please see the Getting Started section of the LastPass commons page.

Below is a list of alternatives to LastPass. Some of these can generate strong passwords.

  1. KeePass. The free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. []
  2. 1Password. 1Password remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps you safe behind the one password that only you know[]


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