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Destination blocking


Berkeley Lab Cyber Security blocks your computer from visiting certain domains and websites because of their malicious content.  A domain can be added to the blocking list through inclusion on a larger "blacklist" of known bad sites or specific intelligence from a trusted source.  Certain domains are blocked in a way that redirects your browser to a webserver at the lab and displays the warning "Destination Blocked by Berkeley Lab Security."  That page provides contact information for the security team as well as a link to this page.

I've been redirected to the blocked page, what now?

Your computer has not been blocked, just redirected from visiting the destination domain or website that you requested.  You can continue to visit other pages on the web, you just won't be able to access to the particular domain that you have requested.

This block seems to be an error or a legitimate site that I'm trying to visit, what should I do?

Please contact and we will work with you to determine why the site was originally blocked and, if safe and appropriate, remove the site from our blocking mechanism.  Domains and sites change over time and what might have been a malicious site when added to our list could be perfectly safe now.  Please just let us know that there seems to be a problem by emailing