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Critical Remote Desktop Vulnerability


Microsoft has released a patch for an extremely dangerous vulnerability in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (e.g. RDP).  Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers are not affected. Users of prior versions of Windows desktops, laptops, and servers are required to install this patch and reboot as soon as possible.  Computers found missing this patch may be blocked from network access without warning.

Please do not delay installing this important patch, take the time right now to patch and reboot. 

How to update

The easiest way to get this patch is to run a Windows update and insure you have all patches installed.  Open Start Menu and click on Settings > Update & Security settings > Windows Update then press on the Check for updates button. 

Going Forward

If an exploit is released or we see attacks against this vulnerability, LBNL will temporarily block access to RDP (3389/tcp) from outside the Laboratory.  If this occurs, users must use the LBNL VPN service to access Remote Desktop Services hosted at the Laboratory. This restriction will impact all systems at the Laboratory, regardless of whether they have already patched against this vulnerability. 


More information can be found here:

Microsoft KB numbers for each OS:

  • Windows 7 and 2008: KB4499175
    • or relevant May Rollups KB4499164, KB4499149, KB4499180
  • Windows XP and 2003: KB4500331


Please direct questions or concerns to