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Computing for Science

We’ve designed our computing environment to support science:

  • Our network is open so scientists can transfer large amounts of scientific data;
  • We communicate with many institutions so scientists can easily collaborate.

The cost of our open, collaborative environment is increased risk of cyber attacks from worms, viruses, hackers and others. It is your responsibility to help protect our open computing environment. (If you need additional help after completing this course, contact your line management.)

Who cares about my computer?

You might think there is nothing of value on your computer, but that’s not the whole story. Cyber attacks work like stepping stones:

  1. In Step 1, your machine gets infected.
  2. In Step 2, the infection spreads to machines that you connect to (through our open network).
  3. Eventually in Step 3, the attack finds the jackpot and infects a machine that might have important information or accounts with privileged access.

That’s why all of us need to Protect Science.