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Computer Security Annual Training (SEC 0201)

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Computer Security Annual Training (SEC 0201)

Overview of Course

This course presents guidance and resources to help you Protect Science. Throughout the course, we link to a variety of information and resources. However, we don't expect you to remember everything or bookmark every resource. Instead, we included all of these references, as well as a checklist and tip-sheet, at the end of the course for easy reference.

Navigating the Course

Step 1. Read each orange tab within a topic.

Some of the topics are divided into multiple sections. Use the tabs to view each section:

Step 2. Use the question icon to skip sections.

Sometimes you'll be asked a question and depending on your answer, you'll either need to read more or can skip ahead. Look for the question icon:

Step 3. View each topic.

The course is divided into 6 main topics plus a summary and resource page. You must view all of the topics. Use the "Previous Topic" and "Next Topic" buttons to move between topics.

Estimated time to complete: 15-20 minutes