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Apple OSX High Sierra 10.13 authentication bug


A security flaw has been detected in the Apple OSX operating systems High Sierra 10.13.  This flaw allows an attacker with existing access to a Mac to enable the root account with any password, blank has been a popular choice. Once root is enabled, the attacker has complete control and can build on her access, including network access via screen sharing (VNC). More details on how to trigger the bug are in the links section. This bug requires the root account to be disabled, which is the default OSX setting.

Update: A patch was released to fix this issue on Nov 29, 2017. 

What should I do?


Systems at Risk

  • Currently, this vulnerability only exists in High Sierra 10.13  
  • Systems that allow local physical access, such as shared usage computers, computers in lab environments, or laptops that travel
  • Systems with Screen Sharing (VNC) enabled

Systems Not at Risk

  • Mac operating systems that are prior to 10.13
  • Systems using SSH (Secure Shell) since SSH does not allow root access with a password by default. 


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