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Adobe Password Leak


Adobe Systems networks were compromised on Oct 3rd, 2013 and attackers were able to obtain more than 38 million Adobe-IDs and passwords from Adobe's network. That data has now been published on the Internet.  You may have received a notification from Berkeley Lab because your Adobe ID/passwords were compromised and you used your Berkeley Lab email address as your Adobe ID.  The Berkeley Lab Cyber Security Team urges you to reset your Adobe password and passwords on any other accounts, especially on Berkeley Lab accounts, that are the same or similar to your Adobe password.

Reset your Adobe password at:

Change your  Berkeley Lab password at:


Why am I being notified?

Your credentials (Adobe-ID and password) used to access Adobe Systems' website have been compromised and are published on the Internet.

Why is LBNL Notifying me?

You used your LBNL email address as your Adobe-ID on the Adobe website.

What do I need to do?

  • Please reset your Adobe password by going to
  • If you have used that same password on other sites or accounts, also reset those passwords
  • If your Adobe website password is same as your lab's LDAP password - please contact

How do I prevent this from happening in future?

There will always be breaches of account information. By following security best practices and using unique passwords on each different website, you can minimize the risk that a future compromise will affect you. Managing many unique passwords can be difficult, however, you can use tools such as 1Password for password management. LBNL provides 1Password free for your use and you can download it from

More information

Adobe's Announcement regarding compromise:

Adobe Email

Below is an example of the email sent by Adobe.



If you have any further questions, please write us at