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The latest release of Chombo is version 3.0.

This software is meant to run on any computer. None of the Chombo code is specific to any particular architecture or operating system, although some system-specific customizations are needed to build Chombo. Systems where Chombo has been successfully built include Linux on x86, x86_64 and Alpha, IBM AIX, Tru64 (aka Digital Unix) on Alpha, Microsoft Windows using Cygwin, SGI Irix, HP-UX.

For all Chombo applications to compile, the following software needs to be available:

  • GNU make version 3.77 or higher
  • Perl version 5
  • HDF5 version 1.6 or later
  • A standard-conforming C++ compiler (e.g. g++ 3.0 or later, Intel icc v9 or later, IBM xlC
  • A FORTRAN 77 compiler
  • To build and run Chombo programs in parallel, an implementation of MPI v1.2 or later (e.g. MPICH, LAM)

The time required to run a Chombo application is entirely dependent upon architecture and the specifics of the application. The examples each run in 5-10 minutes on a reasonably recent workstation in the default configuration (serial, 2-dimensions, debugging enabled).

Doxygen was used in developing the Chombo HTML reference manual that is included in the distribution, but is not required to use the manual.


An email list is available for discussion of Chombo and its applications. Send a message to [email protected] with "help" in the subject line to get started.

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