Archives and Records Office Scanning Policies

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The Archives and Records Office (ARO) currently offers limited scanning of LBNL scientific records at no charge.  

What we will scan:

  • Up to 5 boxes of records
  • Scientific notes, correspondence, presentations
  • Logbooks
  • Photos/Graphs

Once this material is scanned, the paper copy must be archived. If you do not want it archived, we cannot scan it for you. The material will be scanned at 300 dpi and OCR-ed. 

What we will not scan:

  • Any published materials (journal articles, LBNL reports)
  • Non-LBNL related items
  • Oversized documents. Our scanner currently can only scan documents up to 11x17 inches.

What you need to do:

Please contact Beret Ranelletti for more information: or 510-486-4685.