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The Berkeley Lab Archives and Records Office is committed to managing records that document Berkeley Lab's work. The professional archival and records management program, as outlined in the Berkeley Lab Regulations and Procedures Manual (Regulations and Procedures Manual), works in close cooperation with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Pacific Region (San Francisco) and the Federal Records Center facility in San Bruno to preserve, maintain, and provide access to laboratory records.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Meet the legal, fiscal, administrative and research needs of the Laboratory and its stakeholders through the comprehensive and on-going collection of records that adequately and properly document the history, organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of projects and research at LBNL.
  • Provide training to LBNL employees about their records management responsibilities.
  • Respond to internal and external records requests insuring that the right records and information are available.
  • What is a record?
  • Is it a record?  Flowchart from the National Archives and Records Administration


Records Liaison Program and Officers

Berkeley Lab Records Liaison Officers (RLO's) represent their division/department in records policy matters and work with the Archives and Records Office (ARO) to coordinate and implement the policies and procedures of the Laboratory's records management program in their division/department.  List of Records Liaison Officers is here.

The RPM requires that divisions appoint a Records Liaison Officer with the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate records management activities with both the Laboratory-wide program and within their division or department
  • Help ensure that their division or departments records program adheres to applicable laws and regulations as well as standards, procedures and guidelines from ARO.
  • Coordinate the transfer of inactive records. Direct people in your division to use the Records Transfer Procedure.
  • Prevent the accidental, unwarranted, or unscheduled destruction or removal of records within your division/department. If you think this has occurred or is occurring, contact us immediately (ext. 5525 or [email protected])
  • Respond to records disposal notices you receive from ARO in a timely manner. 

Other Information

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