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Poster Sessions (TAUP and Beginning Researcher)

Poster Session:  TAUP

The TAUP poster session will be held on Wednesday evening, following dinner, from 19:30-22:00.  The poster boards can accommodate posters of dimensions up to 48” wide and 36” high.

Those contributing posters should submit an abstract, which will be included online at this site (soon after the abstract deadline of July 15th) so that participants can read about the presentations.

Poster Session: Beginning  Researcher

There will be a beginning researcher poster session on Sunday evening, the day of arrival, following dinner, from 19:30-22:00.  This poster session is the concluding event of a school for beginning researchers that will be held in Asilomar immediately preceding TAUP2013, coordinated with TAUP.  The school is  sponsored by the National Science Foundation (proposal pending) in partnership with the local universities and laboratories hosting TAUP 2013.  The participants of the school will be advanced graduate students and beginning postdoctoral research associates.  Please consider attending the young researcher poster session: the opportunity to meet and talk with senior researchers from around the world will mean a great deal to the students.

Poster Format

Posters should be prepared in a standard 4 by 3 foot format (up to 48” wide and 36” high).  Poster production, transport to Asilomar, setup, and take down are participant responsibilities.  Posters will be assigned space on a specific board: this information will be included in the packets that participants receive on checking in to TAUP.

Poster Session Location and Times

Both the TAUP School poster session and the TAUP Conference Poster Session will be held in the Fred Farr Forum.

Students will be able to post their posters beginning at 1:00pm on Sunday, Sept.  8.   The poster session will begin at 7:30 pm on Sunday evening.   Some refreshments will be available in the patio area outside the Forum.

Posters can remain on display until Tuesday evening, Sept.  10.  They must be removed by 9:00pm on Tuesday.  Any posters remaining at that time will be taken down by conference staff.

TAUP conference participants can post their posters at any time on Wednesday, Sept. 11, prior to dinner.  The poster session will begin at 7:30 pm, Sept 11.  Some refreshments will be available in the patio area outside the Forum.  Posters should be removed by 1:00pm, Thursday, Sept 12.  Any posters remaining at that time will be removed by conference staff.


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