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ProposerBusiness CaseProblem/Opportunity StatementProject ScopeProject Goal
Lisa KeggProcess to qualify multiple vendors for critical raw materials (ie. reagents, chemicals,etc)  during the R&D phase before going into a "production" mode. During production, use both vendors periodically.Down time due to unavailability of a critical raw material causing a delay of projects and a rush to find an appropriate solution.  There have been several times we have experienced down time while trying to source and qualify another vendor for a critical reagent/material for a process that has been transferred to a "production" mode or waiting for a material that is on back order. Increase efficiencies- decrease delays of projects and overall cost savings
Alex Copeland

move JGI's call for proposal and proposal review times so that we know what we've agreed to sequence in advance of (1) our budget and capacity planning exercise (Aug) and (2) beginning of FY (Oct).


As it currently stands we don't finalize reviews until after budget and capacity planning is completed.  
Kecia DuffyProcess to validate software is working before releasing in RQC. If we can better identify which changes have higher impact and make sure that we test before releasing then we will need to do less rework and have less downtimeReleasing bugs to production pipelines is very costly to. Recently a small change where the taxonomy server was moved caused multiple pipelines to fail, resulting in the delay due to the analyst having to find the issue, enter Jira's, time for the developer to investigate and fix, and then rework to be done. This resulted in about a weeks delay of releasing 100's of projects. This is not an unusual occurance. By developing some additional integration testing we could reduce the delay and rework. Decrease down time and lost productivity related to bugs in software
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