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  • Check in and follow up on the past and future action items for developing the JGI knowledge base and the Training project.

Discussion items

15minupdate on Knowledge base project

Kecia M Duffy

Jeff L Froula


  • Meeting with Leila today to go look at demo site (bbpress) and add test content
  • Working on governance document - have made progress.
  • Working on top ten questions list - still need to meet with Nancy and Chris(after S&O)
  • Q&A stackoverflow or forum type site. Plugins to allow different look and feel.
  • Will follow up with Leila and give her some content to try to work through with.
  • Jeff been working summarising the keywords and tags for the knowledge base.
  • Will bring the tag and keyword outline to Leila for testing initial content.
  • Try to determine the best path forward for adding the initial content.
  • Require some kind of moderation to ensure quality of content.
  • Made a list of some of the JGI datasources. Links with basic metadata. In many cases the knowledge base will be linking out to the other data sources.
  • Questions about overlap between the data sources will be a top priority for the Q&A.
  • Get a contact person for each subject matter and data source. Who is the expert in a given domain, who do I talk to?
  • Trees and data flows for data and topics.
  • Went through tags on RQC wiki.
  • Allow people to create tags, but also curate them.
15minUpdate on Training project 
  • Working on how to document the training information online using the knowledgebase site
  • Post announcements and documents from the train. Will be hosted on the wordpress site under a training page.
  • The look and feel will work great with the requirements for the documents for the training.
  • Found software carpentry and data carpentry workshops. Could arrange for workshops to take place at the JGI.
  • Frameworks for workshops and lessons.
  • Follow up with Kjiersten about software carpentry workshops.
  • Have to pay the expenses and for the workshop. ~$2500 for the workshop itself.
  • Ask participants to pay a nominal fee for the workshop.
  • Have previously brought people in for workshops.
  • Could train as workshop mentors
  • Could possibly stream the software carpentry workshops.
  • Have a diverse range of workshops.
  • Could share software carpentry workshop blog posts internally.
  • Went to post-doc meeting. They want to learn about basic topics.
  • First class could be best practices for NERSC. The NERSC consultants could give these classes.
  • Another lesson could be combination of jupyter and conda.
  • Want to run other tools in jupyter such as bash.
  • Have a standard survey at the end of each survey, to quantify success of the sessions.
  • Second class could be on R ggplot2, there seems to be a demand for this.
  • Everyone might not be able to attend every class, would be nice to have classes for documenting this.
  • Record the lectures as screen casts, have people come in and then work through the problems.
  • Software for recording screen casts


  • Example screen casts -

Action items