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Requisition preparers and requesters should check open market prices before submitting a requisition.  Prices listed are 'approximate'.

Mobile Technology Accessories





Targus Vesavu Case and Keyboard
Source: USFalcon/CDW
CDW Part # 2640703

  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • With 360 degree rotating axis and soft-touch liner
  • Easy-to-sync, cable-free
  • Allows you to view in either portrait or landscape angles

Compatible with ipad 3rd and 4th generation


Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard, Case & Stand-new iPad & iPad2
Source: USFalcon/CDW
CDW Part: 2547783

  • Bluetooth
  • Fits iPad or iPad 2
  • Velcro fastener ensures tablet vertical stability with viewing angels from 70 to 20 degrees.
  • This lightweight 3-in-1 design is optimized for travel and in-case use plus protects from wear and scratches.

Pros: The keyboard fits perfectly into the case and is easy to carry. The keys are soft and rubbery with decent feedback. Typing does not require much force. Soft padded cover protects the screen completely. Magnetic cover closure saves batteries, when you close the cover without hitting the power button.
Cons: Keyboard is a bit narrow and typing can be awkward for long periods of time. The keys are too flat and not defined enough for touch typists. The back stand is not very stable unless on a flat surface.


Belkin Stylus Pen for iPad/ Tablet
Source: USFalcon/CDW
CDW Part: 2691630

  • Designed and weighted like a high-quality ink pen
  • Perfect for writing and drawing directly on your tablet.
  • Attach easily and securely to a folio.

Can help to improve accuracy instead of using a finger to touch screen


Targus iPad SafePORT Rugged Case
Source: USFalcon/CDW
CDW Part: 2768812

Compatible with the iPad2,iPad 3rd Generation AND the New iPad with Retina Display,4th Generation

  • Hard case for drop protection
  • Viewing & Typing Stand
  • Hand Strap with 360 degree rotation
  • Non-slip kick-stand

Protects iPad while providing useful accessories such as a stand, strap and kick stand


OtterBox Defender Series - case for web tablet
Source: USFalcon/CDW
CDW Part: 2742575

  • Case for web tablet
  • silicone
  • black
  • for Apple iPad (3rd generation); iPad 2

Pros: Encases the back and sides of the iPad in hard silicon material. The back stand panel is removable if you don't need to prop the iPad up. Very tough durable material.

Cons: Does not fit Gen 1 iPads. The stand is not very stable unless on a flat surface. The back stand panel adds bulk to the profile of the iPad and is uncomfortable to hold if you don't plan on removing it. There is no cover for the screen except the screen protector.